L’core – Leading Brand In Skin Care Products

L’core is a luxury cosmetic brand that is certainly making its mark with rave reviews and an impressive list of pharmaceutical grade ingredients. One of our most popular products that is creating quite a buzz is our brightening creams. These serve the purpose of giving your skin a stunning a glow whilst simultaneously evening out the skin tone and helping to combat the harmful effects of ageing. Check out some of our range of brightening creams below and make your selection:

  • Crystalline Diamond Collection (60 Sec Face Lift Cream- 1oz / 30ml)- Enhanced with natural organic extracts and minerals this cream is formulated to give your skin a radiant glow whilst the organic botanical extracts work to tighten and firm your skin. Diamond dust is known to brighten and instantly lift your complexion.
  • 24k Gold Collection (24k Ultra Hydrating Day Cream)-Packed with a high-dose of gold nano-particles L’core’s 24K Ultra Hydrating Cream not only brightens your complexion but also protects your skin against harmful environmental UVA and UVB rays. You will find this cream enhanced with additional rejuvenating Dead Sea minerals and proteins all working together to make your skin appear brighter and more youthful-looking than ever before.
  • Emerald Collection (Emerald Collagen cream) – 1oz/30ml- L’cores collagen creams is a breakthrough product utilizing the power of pure emerald powder in combination organic French botanicals. You no longer need to spend a fortune on Botox; our collagen cream can produce the same benefits! The emeralds help to reduce discoloration and smooth fine lines whereas the collagen restores skin components that have been lost due to ageing. The end result is younger, fresher looking skin that is much longer lasting than other treatments.
  • Sapphire Collection (Acne Control Mask)- Acne is a common concern that is caused by hormonal imbalances resulting in excess oil production. This oil can clog pores and cause breakouts. This Acne Control Mask helps to sooth the irritation caused by acne whilst the sapphire content deeply hydrates your skin rejuvenating its normal appearance and fading out and preventing further breakouts. Use this in combination with a our Gold Hydrating Cream to reap maximum benefits.
  • Ruby Collection (Lavo Bio Thermal Cream Size – 1oz/30ml- Your skin is in for a treat! L’core’s ruby infused Lavo Biothermal cream has a special, scientifically based formulation that specifically targets premature ageing. Our skin is constantly exposed to environmental pollutants as well as mental stress causing it to age at a faster rate. This cream is a non-surgical alternative to other anti-ageing treatments that targets fine lines and wrinkles as well as deep lines caused by frowning/smiling. Apply this daily before going to sleep so you wake up with younger looking skin!
  • Pearl Collection (Brightening Cream)- Formulated with the purest of pearls our brightening cream does many things for your skin. It is a dark spot corrector, anti-ageing solution, sun damage protector and a powerful brightener all in one! Use this daily and see the amazing results for yourself.


Check out our entire range online or in store, your skin will love you for it!