Skin So Good, You Won’t Need Makeup

There are people who would rather die than leave the house with a bare face. Whether it’s a staple in your morning routine or you use it for special occasions, there is no denying the transformative power of makeup. But there are still situations where wearing makeup just isn’t possible (such as going to the beach, swimming, sleeping over in someone else’s house, or hiking) and while it’s great to have products that hide your imperfections, wouldn’t you want to not have to hide any imperfections at all?


When you focus on having a great skin care routine, you can get skin that’s clear, bright and soft. The best part is, when you have flawless skin you can always wear fewer makeup products and let your skin shine through.


Look Good Without Makeup, Effortlessly


  • The Power of Exfoliating. Exfoliating scrubs away dead skin cells that accumulate on top of your skin. This dead layer is responsible for dull and sallow complexions. Once you reveal the fresh skin beneath, it will make you shine even without foundation. An added bonus is with exfoliated skin, your beauty products can penetrate even deeper, maximizing the price you paid for your skin care products.


  • Make sure to Moisturize. To get better-looking skin that doesn’t need much makeup, exfoliation and moisturizing are requirements. Best of all, moisturizers have added benefits like erasing fine lines and minimizing pores. Having hydrated skin makes all the difference; dehydrated skin is rough, dry and dull. Moisturized skin makes it smoother and can reflect light better, and is a great way to look good in photos.


  • Add in some Serums. A serum is like supplements for your skin. It infuses your skin with concentrated nutrients, letting your skin wake up and giving it a much-needed boost. You need to nourish the skin because it’s the last organ that gets nutrients from your body, as the vital organs receive the most nourishment first. Adding a serum into your skin care routine is another way to look good without makeup.


  • Drink more Water. Somebody who is severely lacking in water will have skin that looks aged, dull and dry. Aim for a liter or more per day, and don’t add any additives. No sugar, syrup, soda, wine or beer. Your body uses water to hydrate and filter your cells, so pure water is needed to make sure that the filtering is as effective as it can be.


If You Want Extra Pampering


If you want to give your skin some well-deserved love, look no further than L’Core Paris skin care products. Created from high quality ingredients and infused with therapeutic gemstones, it’s a brand that ensures quality and luxury from product to packaging. The gemstones are ground into fine nanoparticles, giving all the therapeutic feeling of a gemstone facial without leaving the comforts of home. While there has been L’Core cosmetic complaints posted online, they highlight the high prices of our products, but say nothing about getting negative side-effects or facial harm.


It further solidifies the dedication that L’Core has to their customers, and how much time and resources have been invested to give our customers the chance to invest in themselves, to achieve the dream of having soft and luxurious skin without invasive surgery.