L'Core Paris Fake

Why Fake Cosmetics are Dangerous for Your Skin?

Ok, I will admit it I once bought fake skin care cosmetics online maybe once or twice. I was tempted by the cheap price and the free products that came along with it. I bought it on Amazon.com. Surely, at some point in a woman’s life, the temptation to buy something cheaper will always be there. But after my skin suffered from a terrible rash caused by the fake facial creams I used I now make it a point to buy only high-end products. I ended up paying for more, because of the skin irritation and I made a promise to myself to use products made with quality ingredients.

I have been reviewing skin care cosmetics for five years now and here is what I have to say about L’Core Paris.

Are L’Core Paris has fake products?

The question on everyone’s mind now is if L’Core Paris product is fake? I did my own research and purchased the product myself. For someone who has been reviewing and leaving testimonials about the skin care products that they are using I make it a point to know the ingredients that are included in the products.

The answer is No L’Core Paris is not fake. The cosmetic brand is real cosmetic and operates worldwide. I have chanced upon some of their stores in Las Vegas and was impressed by the reception that I received from the L’Core Paris team. I went to the store and inquired about their best-selling products and while I have seen some L’Core Paris scam claims online this is just natural. A lot of cosmetic brands are competing with each other online after all cosmetics are a billion dollar industry.

What has convinced me that L’Core Paris is not fake?

I am now convinced that the products are real and legit because I tested it myself. I purchased the Emerald collagen cream and tried it on for 2 weeks and voila! My skin became smoother and fairer within just several days of use. Not only that I really loved the scent of the products, every L’Core Paris product that I have used comes with a fruity cucumber extract fragrance. It came with an intricate packaging, and really lived up to its name as a luxury cosmetic brand.

The company has obviously spent millions just to have a better product development. You can sense the authenticity of the products because I could not compare it with the fake products I have purchased before. The quality control is strict, while in Mandalay Bay I was assisted by a skin dermatologist inside the L’Core Paris retail shop and she explained the formulation of the ingredients to me. I am now convinced of the L’Core Paris products. There is a reason why it costs thousands of dollars; real diamond powder and colloidal gold are being used in the creams and the serums making the products really noteworthy.

Just like L’Oreal and Chanel, the cosmetic brand L’Core Paris has definitely taken the time to perform product innovation and stringent quality control. They play by the rules and ensure that the product ingredients have undergone clinical trials.

According to the CEO of L’Core Paris in a press release for the Sapphire Milk Cleanser they do not want to tarnish their name in the industry. L’Core Paris is aiming for global sales and establishing trust is key. The real concern is about the experience of the consumer. L’Core Paris makes sure that customers are able to experience the benefits of a really good product that comes with the highest quality. The products are sold with integrity and the company has taken the time to make sure that there are no fake L’Core Paris products out in the market.

How to know if a cosmetic product is fake?

I have years of experience when it comes to encountering fake products. Experience has told me to be careful and to avoid wasting my money with fake products that do not really produce the results that I want. A fake cosmetic skin care product would at times have wrong spelling or labeling.  The font is important for brands and if it does not follow it then chances are it is a fake product. Fake cosmetic brands online and on the streets will have shabby packaging. The best thing to do to avoid fake cosmetics is to check the authentic brand packaging; there are images online which you can look up for comparison.

The scent of the skin care cosmetics is also very important; you need to make sure that it has authentic scent. If you notice that there is hardly any fruity scent or decadent smell then this is most probably a fake product. If the prices are also heavily discounted then you need to be wary. For example, real L’Core Paris products cost $199 and above, it is a high end brand and manufacturers make use of only the finest ingredients. If you see someone selling L’Core Paris products for only $35 then this is fake product. Avoid being scammed and recognize the pitfalls of purchasing cosmetics brands online. Fake luxury brands are not worth it; the counterfeit versions can cause serious health risks and need to be avoided.

L’core Paris Verdict:

This is a testimonial about the authenticity of the L’Core Paris product. I have tried and tested the facial creams myself. Particularly the Emerald Collagen Cream and the Multi Use cream. I have found the products superior. I can vouch for the items that are being sold, and were able to receive a good reception from the staff of L’Core Paris at Mandalay Bay. It is a personal advocacy to share skin care products that work. Here is my story of how the L’Core Paris product was able to impress me. If you want to learn more about the product check out the main website www.lcoreparis.com. The information on the latest products of L’Core Paris can be found in here. I am hoping that just like me you would be able to experience the changes that this cosmetic brand has been able to do for me.