Deserted: How To Care For Dry Hands

Taking care of dry hands can be a chore. Even if you are extra diligent and wear gloves when gardening or doing housework or apply moisturizer when there is time, you can still experience cracked and parched hands. If you feel that smooth hands are just a dream, learn about what else you can do to achieve and maintain that goal.

Protection At All Costs

You should protect your hands from excessive washing, while handling laundry and dish detergent, and when doing activities that can dry out your hands, like sports or yard work. The first step of staying away from dry hands is to wear gloves. If you are part of the women who are allergic to latex gloves, you can ask your doctor or a pharmacist where to get gloves that are not made from latex.

Upgrade your Moisturizer

The sooner you can get an emollient moisturizer after wetting your hands and keep it on, the better. It also is not good to occasionally remember to put on moisturizer. To remind yourself to always moisturize after washing, keep small bottles or tubes of moisturizer within easy reach. Spread it out so that there is always a tube or a bottle handy in the house. Some good places include in your bathroom, on your nightstand, near the kitchen sink and in the garage. If you can stick a small tube of moisturizer in your purse, briefcase, desk drawer and in your car’s glove compartment, the better.

The best day moisturizers include zinc oxide, titanium oxide and avobenzone. Another good incentive to use moisturizing sun screens is that they can give your skin a protective layer, to lock in moisture while keeping UV rays away from your skin. Keep in mind that sun spots on the back of your hands and arms are the result of unprotected daily sun exposure, and not because of age.

The best approach to moisturizing dry hands is to keep them hydrated at all times. If you have severely dry skin, you can get moisture-infused gloves and give your hands an overnight treatment. There are companies that offer this kind of option, but if you prefer purchasing creams, it’s important to buy genuine creams and lotions.

There have been people who complained about buying L’Core fake products and were ripped off. They felt this way because when they tried the products, they did not do anything for their dry hands. When this was investigated, it was discovered that they purchased skin care products from third-party stores, and were sold counterfeit products.

To be absolutely sure that you are getting a genuine L’Core Paris product, be sure to purchase directly from their website, or at their physical stores. It is not worth the risk to your skin and health to buy fake products. While you are saving money, you also risk getting allergic reactions and diseases because of the unsanitary conditions and ingredients that went into creating a dangerous product. It is much better to invest in high quality skin care products that work.