Soybean Oil for Skin Care

Soybean oil is a kind of vegetable oil, extracted from soybean seeds. Organic soybean oil is considered beneficial for health, because it is a rich source of linoleic acid, a kind of omega-6 fatty acid. Soybean oil also helps reduce discoloration and blotchy skin by evening out the pigments on the skin’s surface. Soy proteins also moisturize the skin and can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. For the discerning customer who wants all-natural products in her skin care regimen, there is none better than products crafted with soybean oil extract.

Soybean oil has a small molecular structure, helping it penetrate the topmost layer of the skin, called the epidermis. Soy nestles into the cellular structure and stimulates collagen, elastin and other useful proteins. It is also encourages cell growth and regeneration by reversing any abnormal cell formations. Products that are rich in soybeans can even out the skin tone and can correct any skin pigmentation changes brought by hormone changes and sun damage. It is rich in vitamin E, lecithin and essential fatty acids and when applied topically, they can benefit the skin.

Vitamin E has been said to promote healing and regeneration as an antioxidant, and the fatty acids can moisturize the collagen found below the skin’s surface. Lecithin on the other hand can help maintain the skin’s elasticity and smoothen out any wrinkles and fine lines, preventing premature aging. Soy also contains phytoestrogens—these are plant estrogens, and they rejuvenate the skin cells without entering the bloodstream. Despite the smaller molecular structure of soybean oil, because the skin has two other layers below the epidermis, it cannot enter the bloodstream.

And for people born with combination skin, it is usually difficult to find the perfect moisturizer. Soy is sometimes referred to as a “smart” moisturizer because it can moisturize dry areas while decreasing excess oil in others. Additionally, skin care products that use soybean oil can have smoothening and softening effects, while evening out the skin tone.

Avoid Buying Fake L’Core Products

L’Core is a luxury brand that specializes in creating skin care products that infuse the therapeutic power of gemstones with all-natural ingredients, in the quest to get softer, smoother skin. However, due to the premium nature of the brand, there have been several instances of reviews appearing about L’Core Paris fake products online. It is important to note that one of the best ways of avoiding counterfeit products is to buy directly from the website, or contacting a reputable seller who can guarantee the sale of an authentic product.

If you are tempted to purchase L’Core products from sellers that have dramatically lowered their prices, do reconsider. While there are people that have commented on the prices as being too high and feeling ripped off because of it, there has never been any complaint about genuine L’Core skin care products harming the skin, or causing facial harm. Purchasing fake products that may contain toxic ingredients is simply not worth saving a few dollars. It is much better to invest in luxury skin care products that are effective, than taking a gamble on cheaply made products, hoping for it to give the same stellar results as the real thing.