L’Core Paris Products

L’Core Paris is a company who were founded originally in Paris, France. Although we began in Paris, we now have outlets all over the world and are able to bring you the best in our luxury and advanced beauty care products. We aim to provide luxury and advanced beauty care products for every skin type and tone.


Why Are L’Core Paris Products Different?

We believe that the best products come from nature itself. Gemstones have been used for centuries to create beauty products and this ancient knowledge combined with modern scientific research is able to bring you the best of beauty care products. Precious gems we use in our beauty products include:

  • 24k Gold
  • Diamond dust
  • Ruby dust
  • Emerald dust
  • Sapphire dust

All of the materials used in the making of L’Core Paris products are organic and are pharmaceutical grade.

L’Core Paris believe in getting to know our customers and we listen to different people around the world and what they need in their beauty products. As a result, all L’Core Paris products have been designed with different skin tones, and skin types in mind. We have resource centres on every continent so work is continuous so we are able to keep up to date with all beauty care innovations and ideas bringing you the latest advances in all of our beauty care products.

Why Use Gemstones In L’core Paris Products?

Gemstones have properties in them that not only help to give a luxurious beauty care product but also help to give a sense of healing and balance for energy levels. Ancient cultures believed that different gemstones were able to enhance different properties. Gemstone facials for the modern woman are becoming increasingly popular due to similar beliefs.

  • Gold was used by Roman, Egyption and Chinese practicioners in the ancient world, It is believed that gold is able to treat cellular and regeneration benefits. It is also believed that gold has healing properties both on a physical and spiritual basis. Furthermore, gold is ideal for facial treatments as it helps to restore elasticity and tightens skin cells.
  • Diamonds are believed to be able to treat many ailments as they fight with fever and infections. Diamonds are also an excellent advantage to beauty care products with an ability to help with many skin disorders.
  • Rubies are believed to strengthen and nourish facial skin and help to treat many skin infections.
  • Emeralds are used to fight anti-aging and also helps to repair damaged skin cells.
  • Sapphires are able to hydrate the skin, remove deal skin cells and leave your skin feeling smooth and youthful. This also helps to protect your skin from the effects of modern day pollution. In addition, sapphires are also said to aid sleep and help keep depression at bay.

Gemstones have been used since ancient times to cure ailments and today you are able to get the same benefits in our luxury beauty care products.

L’Core Paris products are designed with the science of gemstones in order to bring you the perfect results in beauty care products. They are not only luxurious but also filled with the latest advances and research to bring you the very best for all your skin care needs.