L’Core Paris Crystalline

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and this is certainly the case with L’Core Paris Crystalline diamond collection. This is a collection of luxurious advanced beauty products that is made with pharmaceutical grade diamond dust. At L’Core Paris, we believe in bringing the best that nature has to offer and nothing can be more precious than diamonds.


Why Use Diamonds In Beauty Products?

Diamonds are the most precious of all gemstones. They are the most precious because of the many properties that they possess. In ancient Rome, the diamond represented the goddess Venus who was worshipped for qualities such as:

  • Beauty
  • Love
  • Fertility

All of these aspects that diamonds and Venus represent are attributes that are feminine. It is for these reasons that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and not a man’s best friend.

More recently, diamonds have been the subject of scientific and medical observations. These observations have led to the belief that diamonds are associated with many benefits of health and well-being including:

  • Fighting infection
  • Reducing fever
  • Helps to heal skin disorders
  • Invigorate metabolism

In alternative medicine, the diamond reflects all colours of the rainbow and therefore is representative of all of the 7 main chakras. This makes the diamond an all-round gemstone that can be used in the treatment of many different ailments.

In modern civilisation, the diamond is also representative of wealth and abundance so it is a common stone that is used in engagement and in wedding rings. The property of diamonds does not need to be confined only to wearing a diamond in jewellery as the Crystalline diamond collection by L’Core Paris contains ground diamonds in all of the beauty products found in our collection.

What Products Are In The Crystalline Diamond Collection?

The Crystalline diamond collection by L’Core Paris is a collection that contains only natural ingredients and ground diamonds are of a top quality pharmaceutical grade. We believe that nature has the answer to beauty secrets and do not use any ingredients that are not natural. Products that are found in our crystalline diamond collection include:

  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Cream
  • 60 Sec Face Lift Cream
  • L’Core Wrinkle Filler Cream
  • Express Lifting Crystalline Diamond Serum

Each of our products are created with our customers in mind and we take great pleasure in keeping in contact with people all over the world in order to create lotions that are natural and that suit each skin tone and type.

Do Celebreties Wear Diamond Skin Care Products?

There are many celebrates that have discovered the secret of using diamond infused beauty products. Celebrities who swear by their diamond beauty products include:

  • Beyoncé
  • Jay Z’s wife
  • Blue Ivy’s mother

You too can now enjoy having the smooth ageless skin of your favourite celebrity by choosing diamond infused beauty products such as our crystalline diamond collection.

Diamonds have always been known to have medical qualities that helps skin remain young and healthy. With modern advances, diamonds are now infused in our crystalline diamond collection so that you can find out why diamonds are truly a girl’s best friend and enjoy youthful healthy skin.