The Cosmetics Guide: Body Care for Winter

This winter, we probably stocked some double doses of moisturizing products for our facial care to prevent our faces from drying up and flaking. Leaving our skin to dry this winter will only promote skin irritations like rashes and skincare and worse, wind burns.

Just as our face dries up during the cold season, the skin of our bodies can also develop the same complications. They can also dry up and flake without sufficient moisture and hydration. Classic tin cans of moisturizing creams are sometimes not enough to moisturize the whole body for the whole day. Winter and cold seasons are the best time to use those body oils to use. Oils contain more hydration than cream since it can be quickly absorbed by the skin due to its thin and light texture. Creams, on the other hand, are heavier and take the time to seep into the skin. Oils and serums also contain more hydration formula wise, since their base are liquidated.

Extra mild bath exfoliators and scrubs are also recommended for use since using hard scrubbing products can only agitate the skin’s dehydration and flaking. With the use of mild exfoliators, the skin can soften up and it will have more room to let in moisture since the scrub did not completely block off the pores in our skin.

Products you can use

Starting with cleansers, L’core Paris Gourmet Sugar Exfoliator is an extra mild skin cleanser wit very fine sugar scrubs to lift off dead skin cell and dirt to the skin without applying too much friction and pressure to the skin. Harsh scrubbing can promote skin discoloration to our body’s skin since the friction can burn up the thinnest layer of the epidermis, causing discoloration.

L’core Paris’ Sugar Exfoliator uses extra fine granules with the sweetness aroma of sugar to lift away dead skin cells and dirt from the skin. This scrub specializes on hydrating the skin and softening it up. L’core luxury reviews are way over the top when they released their mild body exfoliators in the market. These L’ core luxury reviews commended the product for its uniquely deep mild cleansing components and very high effectivity.

If you have a sensitively dry skin, you might also want to try L’core Paris’ Gourmet Body Butter. It is very rich in moisture. Although it will not scrub off the skin, it is a sufficient skin cleanser for everyday use.

After cleansing the skin, you can then moisturize it with Multi Use Cream, also from L’core Paris, to deeply moisturize the skin and prevent any signs of aging or sagging. This cream is also applicable to the face so it’s a convenient skin care product especially for traveling and packing light.

For a more sensitive skin, body oils and serums are also recommended for deep rehydration and moisturization. Tata Harper’s Revitalizing Body Oil is also a great product to keep especially if you have a really hard to quench skin.