Benefits of Thorough Cleansing

Cleansing is the step to total beauty

We all have these high end skincare products. But how can we maximize these if our skin is not clear from minor dirt and hard to remove impurities cause by pollution of deep set dirt? Having a good deep cleanser or exfoliator seems like a good way to go. The problem is, most deep exfoliators and toners contain alcohol which is actually bad for the skin. Too much exfoliation is the main cause of skin dryness and irritation.

Too much dryness in the skin leads to irritations like rashes and annoying pimple like bumps. Aside from that, dryness of the skin roughs up the surface of the skin. It produces skin flakes that will make it harder for you to apply makeup or anything on your face. Luckily for us, skincare brands addressed this cleansing issue by developing products that are mild to the skin and yet cleanse it deeply to remove any dirt that was absorbed by the skin.

L’Core Paris offers a variety of mild cleansers for people who have ultra sensitive skin. There are lots of positive L’Core reviews regarding the effectivity of these products and we couldn’t agree more.

Cleansing with L’Core Paris

There are four facial cleansing products in L’Core Paris. Almost all of these cleansing products can be found in their Sapphire collection. If you have sensitive skin, we recommend using the ones which have softer formula. All of the cleansing products by L’Core are developed to be mild. It just depends on the formula. Creams or mousse tend to be milder than liquid or gel based toners and cleansers.

For a sensitive skin, you can use the Facial Cleansing Mousse to remove any deeply set dirt. The foams and bubbles of this cleanser will be absorbed by the surface of the skin, reaching deeply and remove impurities as you rinse it off. The Facial Milk Cleanser is also a mild facial exfoliator because the organic extracts massage the skin helping it to produce sufficient oil for an even face moisture.

For toner and cleansing treatments, you can use the Sapphire Facial Toner and the Acne Masks. The facial toner will remove any chemical from the face while the mask, in the other hand, will boost the cleansing seeping deeply into the skin and preventing it from developing impurities.

Remember to moisturize your face after thoroughly cleansing your face to prevent minor dryness.