Skincare and Makeup products perfect for your Halloween costume

It’s the season for broomsticks and werewolf masks to be the hottest accessory of the month. I bet you’ve been invited to some of the Halloween costume parties around town. Are you going to slay this year’s costume party contest? I can help you come up with a master plan for the most glamorous Halloween look that you can pull off with your skin.


For skincare, start with making your skin radiant and naturally glowing. You can use some of the products in the L’core Paris Diamond Collection. Diamond infused skincare products rub off some of the Diamond’s sparkle into the skin and exfoliates it deeply to reveal a brighter regenerated skin. Though these products are expensive, believe me when I say the products actually work. Some say that L’core ripoffs people with expensive products and no existent effects, but from my observation (and from many other), L’core Paris can produce drastic skin improvement in just a short time.

You might also like Guerlain’s Meteorites Oxygene Care moisturizer. This moisturizer provides radiance and skin correcting treatment to keep and maintain your natural glow. We use this product when doing heavy makeup to make the features of the face pop out.

Tom Ford’s Radiant Moisture Souffle provides moisture and get this, the cream has glitters in it so it will sparkle up your skin with a natural glow. This moisturizer stays on for a pretty long wear. Chanel’s Hydra Beauty Micro Serum also has a sheer gel like moisturizer that richly hydrates the skin and glow it up for a natural radiance.


This product might already been in your list. But just in case you don’t know it, you should try Anastasia’s Moonchild Glowkit. This is literally the highlight of your Halloween look. This palette includes gorgeous celestial magic colors that you can use with a fairy costume to a vampire costume. If you want a cheaper alternative for this, you can check out Wet n Wild’s Geometric Highlighting Powder “Where the Dreamers Go”.

As for your eyes, you might want to try Urban Decay’s Full Spectrum Palette where you can choose from solid neon colors. This is the perfect palette for this season since you have a wide variety of colors to choose from starting from solid dark shades up to the neon light colors.

For the lips, you can pull off the Rouge Louboutin Lip Color that screams Halloween all over its body. You can also check out Chanel’s Rouge Allure Lip Color. These lipcolors stays on like a permanent tattoo and it also have gorgeous shades of red.