How to avoid Online Scams when purchasing Skin Care Products

Should growing old be a scary thing to experience? In the arrival of advancements in technology can women challenge the negative idea of growing old? Women no matter what age are barraged with cosmetic ads that claim that there is a solution for almost every skin problem, even the ones they didn’t know they had.

Cosmetic brands are investing millions to have strong online presence. This means, even if you are just browsing your Facebook, you are going to see skin care advertisements about fail proof skin care products. But without proper discernment and critical thinking, the chance of experiencing a scam is high.

It would take an inquisitive mind to understand which products are really worth buying.  With little idea on how to select the right skin care regimen I have embarked on the task of researching scams to avoid when it comes to buying skin care products. I started on researching about the ingredients of the creams that are sold online. I immersed in the research and I also read about the history and company profiles of leading cosmetic brands.

In the process, there were a lot of bogus or fake companies that I encountered.

The products that these brands are offering are overpriced, and some of them just contain the same ingredients only that these creams are encased in better packaging. Most of these online cosmetic brands are not listed on Wikipedia, they also do not have licensed trademarks and have multiple client complaints posted on Yelp and Ripoffreport. Com. I was about to give up on the skin care industry, when I stumbled on the L’Core Paris brand. While there are reviews claiming L’CORE Paris scam I gave the company the chance and did my research.

L’CORE Paris unlike other shady online shops has a trademark registration. The company filed a Federal trademark registration on January 24, 2014 under the L’CORE LLC listing. This cosmetic brand produces the L’CORE serums and creams in their main headquarters at Las Vegas, Nevada.

No Bogus ingredients on the label

Skin care brands that are selling fake creams will throw in fancy terms to describe their products.

Most of these ingredients are not safe to use and are not even approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. For example, the cosmetic brand OroGold contains PVA this is an adhesive that works like household glue. Once applied, the cream will create a temporary peeling trick, but there are no lasting positive effects on the skin.

L’CORE Paris ingredients on the other hand are proven safe for daily use.

The 60 Sec Face lift cream from L’CORE Paris for example contains magnesium Aluminum Silicate. This is a mineral is refined and make use of purified clay.

It is safe to use in cosmetics and beauty products including deodorants and power.

No Free Trial Scams

Phony companies like BellaVita dupes clients by using unethical marketing strategies; instead of paying for $97. 95 clients will only pay for $4.95 plus a 14- Day trial.

Many fall prey to this trick and end up paying an additional $97.95 after the 14- day trial because they are unable to cancel the deal with BellaVita on time. L’Core Paris does not have to offer free trials; the products are sought after, as shown in the number of positive reviews the Las Vegas headquarters  are receiving online.

The reason why some people wrote about L’Core Paris scam reviews are only due to the fact that the prices of the products are a bit high when compared with other products. But there are no complaints about how it damaged their skin. There is no L’Core Paris complaints online that would attest that their skin experienced allergy and other notable side effects.

The prices of L’Core Paris products is a bit high but for a good reason, the facial creams and toners as well as the serum contain high quality materials that were sourced out from reputable locations.

Because of this meticulous process, the quality of the ingredients is assured. Real gold flakes and micro diamond powder are used in the creation of the products.

The L’Core Paris Product Guarantee

L’Core Paris is ahead of competition when it comes to skin-care knowledge; this is because it makes use of advanced skin care technology. It has focused on becoming the forefront of innovation and introduced new products that solve individual skin care needs.

Since it was founded in Paris, France it has already created a number of excellent products that solve acne, skin discoloration, wrinkles and premature aging. The cosmetic company continues to evolve and research to make sure that the needs of clients worldwide is provided.

L’Core Paris is expected to withstand the test of time this is because the ingredients are packed with a high level of antioxidants. Most products just contain ingredients that do not really have positive effects on the skin. L’Core Paris has concentrated on creating products that customers really need. The products are easy to understand and apply on the face; it can easily be added as a part of a daily skin care regimen.

This brand is purely made from science and nutrition in mind. It is made from luxurious gemstones and fruit extracts that produce quality cosmetic products.

It is lined up with other cosmetic brands under the prestige category because of the actual results that it is able to provide.

Using Critical Thinking when buying Cosmetic products

The cosmetics industry is a billion dollar industry; there are many players in the field. Buying an established brand like L’Core Paris has its benefits. It helps you avoid potential skin damage and allows you to attain a certain elegance and refinement that only quality products can provide.

L’Core Paris continues to create astounding products that are truly worth your time. The elegance of the formula cannot be disputed; it is the product to go to when you want to be the envy of your friends and loved ones. Give yourself a treat by using L’Core Paris.